Playlist for Monday's Muse on Party934, June 5, 2017 Episode 515 World Environment Day! Happy Birthday to Jerry Gonzalez!
Thursday, June 8, 2017 at 6:14PM
Janine Santana


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Episode 515, This show is "Monday's Muse" with Janine.  Jazz, Soul, Afro-Cuban and Blues with the theme World Environment Day! Happy Birthday to Jerry Gonzalez!


Name Time Album Artist

1 Ase 5:48 Nigerian Spirit Sonia Aimy

2 mic break 2:00 Mic Break

3 Deluge 5:50 Hybrido - From Rio To Wayne Sh… Antonio Adolfo

4 Between The Devil And The Dee… 6:33 Terry Gibbs - 92 Years Young Terry Gibbs

5 Throw It Away 7:34 Aminata Moseka - An Abbey Linc… Va Virginia Schenck

6 mic break 2:00 Mic Break

7 Current Events 11:43 Continuum Omega Akashic Jazz

8 How deep is the ocean Featuring… 5:14 Jimmy Scott - I go Back Home Jimmy Scott

9 Dolphin Dance 9:59 Secret Dream Che'vere De Chicago

10 mic break 2:00 Mic Break

11 Ugly Beauty (SKIPS) 6:50 Fire Dance Jerry Gonzalez & The Fort Apach…

12 Game Ova 4:46 Build Music Janka Nabay

13 Sink Or Swim 5:47 Common Ground Jocelyn Medina

14 mic break 2:00 Mic Break

15 Tuning Out 4:31 Uprising Miles Mosley

16 Blackbird 2:32 Blackbird - The Beatles Album (r… Miloš Karadaglić

17 The Phoenix 4:59 Promethean Theo Hill

18 mic break 2:00 Mic Break

19 All That Remains 5:43 In Praise Of Shadows The Peter Erskine New Trio

20 When It Rains... 7:03 Therapy The New Mastersounds

21 There Is No Greater Love 8:19 Smokin' In Seattle Wes Montgomery

22 Listen Here Listen Up 5:32 Tony Adamo and the New York C… Tony Adamo And The New York…

23 mic break 2:00 Mic Break

24 They Don´t Care About Us Ft Ke… 4:57 Unity The Latin Tribute To Micha… Tony Succar


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